I know what you did last summer, part.2


Summer time here around doesn’t always means sun and blue sky. A reason why the grass is so green, obviously. Actually, it can also be sunny and rainy at the same time, and when you’re lucky enough to witness it, to capture it, it’s something quite special. Like this moment when we were having a lovely “apéro” at our local, the BDM or Bar Du Marché for the non-initiates. Because summer times also means having some private moments around a drink with our mates. And I had plenty!



I know what you did last summer, part.1

Summer is gone. Well, not really actually, here at least we’re still enjoying an amazing indian summer. It kept me away from my lovely little blog longer than usual. But better out at the Beach than inside in front of a screen. I’m sure you’ll agree. Actually I didn’t spent the whole summer at the Beach, nope. I have been quite busy, It was a great summer. So great that I’ll need 3 posts to speak about it. This is the first one, which I could have named “Up in the Air”: One of my best mate, Antoine (yes, like Saint-Exupery), beside his usual job  is a pilot. A July morning, he gave me a call, telling me he was on for a flight and asked me if I was interested. 30 minutes later, we were up in the air…

Bask in the sun

With September, June is the best month of the year here. It’s still quiet, weather is great, waves are nice, water gets warmer… Just perfect. So most of the weekends, you will enjoy some great time to the beach, your little secret beach. Or you will have a refreshing Sunday by the magic river. Or both. And every time the day will end at La Crampotte, around tapas and fine wine. Sweet sweet times. Basque in the Sun…

Antz are back

Summer is not far. Actually it’s been already around for a while, here. Days are longer, sun is warmer. Mother nature is waking up and getting dressed in green again. And ants are back, too. You can spot their long procession by the sea side. Like good little ants, they hold their material alone or in group, always one to support another. They move together, work together, always following the queen order. A blond and tanned queen. A special one actually. Yes, we have unique ants actually. We call it surfing ants.

When Avalanche met Hercules

Yesterday, while an army of jet-skis and world-class surfers were charging the “aquatic mountains of Belharra”, one of the biggest wave in Europe, a couple of other world-class surfers enjoyed an epic surfing session in Avalanche, a very well-known wave in Basque Country for its violence and dangerous reef. Here is a glimpse of that unbelievable session.

Movember in Morocco

Because pictures speak louder than my usual blabla, I decided  to make it short this time. I spent November in Morocco. It was great, awesome, incredible, amazing… Well, I liked it  a lot. I had pure surfing sessions. My friend took me for “a walk in the mountains”… I ended up at 4200m above sea level… I had lot of local drink. I spent hours on the road. I had some selfie moments. I met lovely people. I practiced my swing a bit. I enjoyed colorful sunsets… Morocco, what else?

Ego trip…

Me,Myself and I

I love pictures.

I hate pictures of myself.

I love pictures since my childhood. I could, I can, spend some very long minutes watching at just one single picture in a magazine, on Internet, on a wall. Any kind of picture, portrait, action picture, war picture, wildlife picture, even an add. A simple sky can get my attention for a very long time. The colours, the aesthetic, the uniqueness of the frozen moment, the violence or the passion, whatever it is, makes me feel “something”. It’s a bit cliché I know but I am very receptive to pictures. Some people don’t care, others feel the same with words, or food, or fashion, but me it’s the “image”. Childish, maybe.

I hate pictures of myself since my childhood. I never felt, feel, comfortable when someone was “shooting” me, neither I was, I am, looking at a picture of me. Some people look great on a photo. I never thought, think, I am one of those. I mean, no mistake, I like myself, I am who I am (even if I am maybe a bit older now), no worries, but not on pics. I used to refuse when someone tried to take a photo of me by pretending that “the picture will steal my soul”. It was a joke of course but also a subtle excuse.

Couple of months ago, I shared a post on my “social network” page. You know what I mean. One about a surfing trip illustrated with pictures. One was a “self-portrait”. You have to know that many friends complain that I never change my profile picture, that there are no or so few pictures of myself. I couldn’t believe the reactions when I shared the post, I got some comments like “WTF? a pic of you?!”, things like that…

Therefore, I dedicate this post to all my friends bored with my unique profile picture. Here is a new one. Yes, a new one! Shot a day after the surfing trip. I forced myself to smile (yes, it’s a smile). I forced myself to edit the pic. I forced myself to add it to this post. But for all my friends and the human kind well-being, I am pleased to share it with you.

Ego trip…

Ego trip?